Our Pack

Arya Von der Gnadehund

Arya is pursuing Titles in IPO.

While an all around great family dog and gentle around children, she is a force to be reckoned with on the protection field.

Handled, Owned and Trained By Hailey

Broc von Watcher Engle

Broc started out as a protection dog with clean, hard grips. He found a calling with handler David doing therapy work in cancer care centers and on base with active duty and veteran military members.

Proven stud, Sire of Sport, SAR, service and pet dogs.

Handled, Owned and Trained by David

Terra vom Rubin

A very versatile young dog that can adapt herself to the protection field or just as easily be comfortable wearing a service dog vest. She is a stable and very even-tempered female.

Handled, Owned and Trained by Marissa and Debbie