Darr Dog Training

Our Training

Our training is focused on your dog's relationship with you but encompasses the whole dog, health, behavior, genetics, and history. 

Regardless of the type of training, we are here to help.

From behavior modification, to puppy basics, to trouble-shooting, to socialization. We have you covered.

Our training begins with a consultation with you in your home.

We take this time to listen to what your needs are and your concerns. From there we evaluate your dog's behavior.

We educate you on a few commands designed to address what we discuss.

Later, we send you a training plan and course of action that has been carefully customized to fit your needs. 

Our trainers are always ready to answer any questions you have, even between appointments!

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Boarding And Train Options


For Dogs that have trained with us or we have worked with in the past and want to maintain what they've learned. Or perhaps they are not as proficient as they once were and have begun to slip.

Adult Dog

Your house is a home, not a kennel. When your dog stays with us they will get a crash course on house manners. We teach good behavior in the house, even when guests come over.

Working Dog

Does your working dog need more of a boot camp than vacation? We will make sure to keep those drives up and training on point! 


Having new puppy problems or want to prevent them? Let us get you ahead of the curve starting with crate training, house breaking, bite inhibition and much more!

Healthy Hound

Keeping a dog healthy and fit is a key to their longevity. While your dog stays with us, we will perform a nutritional evaluation. We also address current weight, physical and mental exercise. Great for dogs of all  fitness levels. 


Want your dog to work a certain task,

leash walking, recall, reactivity, or another trouble spot? Let us help you get on track, focus, and solve the problem.

Specialty Training


Keep an eye out for our seminars. They are a full day training in a group setting. With Q & As, demonstrations, and one on one trainer time.

Assault Prevention dogs.

Feel safe with tailor trained Assault Prevention dogs by your side and in your home. Reliable, by your side and always watching your back.

Emotional Support Dogs, Therapy, and Service Dogs

Need help with training? Don't know where to start? Give us a call.

Have questions about access? Whether you are a business owner or dog user, we can provide guidance for you and/or your staff.

If you are a veteran and need assistance with your specially trained dog accessing your favorite restaurant or venue, we can help.