D & D Family Style Boarding

What does "Family Style" Mean?

We offer a variety of boarding options! All our options make sure your dog is treated like a member of the family. Your furry family member stays in our home with us! 

Your dog will have access to the following amenities and more:

  • Raised and Plush Dog Beds.
  • Our Canine refridgerator, great for those on raw or fresh diets.
  • Our food station stocked with their meals and treats.
  • A community room, for those that want to socialize.
  • Private area's for those that prefer calm or quiet.
  • Indoor and Outdoor areas, allowing your furry friend to enjoy the sunshine or the AC.
  • Over three acres of land with trails, or walks and exploring.
    *dogs are never left unattended outside.
  • Experienced staff, keeping a close and careful eye.

Scroll down to see which boarding options fits you and your Dog,

Come and see us!

Whether you are going away next week or down the road, before you go, arrange a visit. We'd like to have your family meet ours! This gives you the chance to check out our home, and gives your dog time to sniff around.

Boarding Options

Our Primary Boarding

For Pet Dogs 1 year of age and up.

This is perfect for pet dogs that don't need any training, and may need a little vacation of their own. We make sure everything fits your dog, from bed style to how they like to play, to who they like to hang out with!  

Puppy Boarding

For Puppies under 1 year of age.

We love giving puppies extra attention and they need it. We make sure you puppy gets all the specialized care he needs.

On top of our regular amenities your puppy with get.

  • Extra play and exercise time
  • Teething toys and chews such as Kongs filled with yogurt and frozen carrots
  • More one on one attention
  • Benefits of a home atmosphere just like yours!

When your puppy stays with us, unlike a kennel, we pay close attention to encourage good habits and discourage bad ones. We maintain potty training, crate training and other good habits for the home. We make sure to discourage biting, excessive barking and other bad habits.

Our home is not a kennel, and neither is yours. That's why we encourage your puppy to observe house manners. Your puppy will come back better behaved than when you dropped him off.

Want us to nip those puppy problems in the bud? Check out our Puppy Board and Train Options

Working Dog & Sport Dog Boarding

For those dogs that have been trained or are being trained in sport and work. Also for dogs that may need specialized attention based on their purpose.

This is a perfect option for  hunting, Schutzhund, Ring sport, K9s, and other working dogs.

We understand that many dogs need specialized care when they have a drive that helps them scale walls and run miles! D & D Dog Boarding has experienced trainers on staff to work with the drives and reinforce the structure your dog needs.